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Papers in Brief (I): Hansen et al. (2009): Sustainability Innovation Cube – A Framework to Evaluate Sustainability-Oriented Innovations

[Note: This post is the first in our new “Papers in Brief” series. Posts published in this series provide a special service as they explain the core ideas of chosen research papers in a nutshell.] Papers in Brief (I) by Erik Hansen Hansen, E.; Große-Dunker, F. & Reichwald, R. (2009): Sustainability Innovation Cube – A […]

Welcome Sebastian!

SustainableBusinessModel.org (aka blog.SSBMG.com) is growing: Sebastian Knab joined our blogger team. Welcome! Here is a short introduction to Sebastian: Sebastian is a PhD researcher at Universität Hamburg, Department of Socioeconomics, Chair of Business Ethics and Management. His research focuses on business model innovation in the context of the sustainability transition in the electric power industry. In […]

Welcome Antony!

O Canada! Our team of authors is further growing and is getting more international. After having Australia (Susan) and Europe (e.g. Nancy and Peter) in our team, North America, i.e. Canada, did also join – welcome Antony Upward! I am happy to tell that the person who coined the term “Strongly Sustainable Business Model” is […]

The “Value Mapping Tool” to Support Sustainable Business Modelling

Nancy Bocken, Lead Researcher at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, and her colleagues Samuel Short, Padmakshi Rana and Steve Evans recently published an article about “A value mapping tool for sustainable business modelling” in Corporate Governance (see SBM Literature). Nancy published a highly interesting introduction to the “Value Mapping Tool” on her own […]

New SBM blogger Peter Wells on his new book “Business Models for Sustainability”

It is a pleasure to announce that Peter Wells, Professor of Business and Sustainability at Cardiff Business School, joined our team of occasional SBM bloggers. Welcome Peter! Read Peter’s first blog post introducing his new book “Business Models for Sustainability“, the first monograph on this topic. “A brief Internet search under the term ‘sustainable business models’ yields […]

Welcome Liina!

SustainableBusinessModel.org has new active member: Liina Joller, Researcher and PhD Candidate at University of Tartu, Estonia, joined the team of active writers for this blog. Welcome! Read Liina’s introduction to herself: “I am currently in the process of writing my doctoral dissertation on eco-innovation in business models at University of Tartu in Estonia. Though the general principles are universal, […]

Welcome Matthew!

SustainableBusinessModel.org has new active member: Dr. Matthew J. Hannon, Research Associate at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, joined the team of active writers for this blog. Welcome! Read Matthew’s introduction to himself: “I have over the past few years become increasingly interested in the development and application of novel business models and how these might […]

Welcome Susan!

SustainableBusinessModel.org has new active member: Dr. Susan C. Lambert, Associate Professor at the University of South Australia, joined the team of active writers for this blog. Welcome! Susan is truly dedicated to advancing business model theory. Her PhD thesis (2010) was entitled “Progressing Business Model Research Towards Mid-Range Theory Building”. Her interest in business model research dates […]