Welcome Susan!

SustainableBusinessModel.org has new active member: Dr. Susan C. Lambert, Associate Professor at the University of South Australia, joined the team of active writers for this blog. Welcome!

Susan is truly dedicated to advancing business model theory. Her PhD thesis (2010) was entitled “Progressing Business Model Research Towards Mid-Range Theory Building”. Her interest in business model research dates back to the 1990s, beginning at the intersections of technology models and business models.

Read Susan’s introduction to herself:

“My interest in business models dates back to the 1990s when it was suggested that I contribute to a research project that would try to synchronise technology models and business models. Unfortunately that project never got off the ground but it started me thinking about what a business model actually was and I soon came to realise that everyone had their own concept of what a business was and there were a lot of different ideas. I think these differences persist.

In my PhD titled ‘Progressing Business Model Research Towards Mid-Range Theory Building’  I constructed a reference model (formerly presented as a conceptual framework), a research schema and theory building framework and a hierarchical business framework that I am testing on medical practices, a small construction business and universities and using it to articulate sustainable business practice. I also propose a general classification of business models.

Although I have presented many of my thesis ideas at conferences I am only beginning to write up the research for journal publication. Sadly, I tend to get distracted with doing other things rather than writing up my research which is not a good thing for an academic.

I am particularly interested in exploring the use of the business model in articulating sustainable business practices.”

As a quick introduction to her approach to linking business models and sustainability I recommend reading her latest working paper (see also our SBM literature overview):

Lambert, S.; Carter, A. & Burritt, R. (2012): Recognising commitment to sustainability through the business model. Centre for Accounting, Governance and Sustainability Occasional Working Papers, No. 6. Adelaide: University of South Australia.

Find Susan’s full publication list here.

Read Susan’s first blog post on “Developing Theories of Business Models”.

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