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Postdoc fellow in Business Models for Sustainability – Job Wageningen UR – Deadline 9th April 2014

AcademicTransfer recently published a really interesting job posting for a postdoc fellowship (original source: http://www.academictransfer.com/employer/WUR/vacancy/22319/lang/en/): Job description For a project on business models for climate smart innovations in the agricultural sector, funded by KiC-Climate, we are looking for an ambitious post-doctoral fellow interested in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship in general and business models for […]

Why are business models important for sustainability innovations? Because they are “the flexible thing in the middle”!

During my PhD defense one of my supervisors (to whom I am really thankful!) asked this question: Okay, what you are saying is that business models are the ‘flexible thing in the middle,’ and that’s why they are important for the success of sustainability innovations. So, that’s all? Um, yes. Hm. To be honest, I […]

New Licentiate Thesis on “Business Model Design For Strategic Sustainable Development”

César Levy França, PhD researcher at the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden, recently published his Licentiate Thesis  “Business Model Design for Strategic Sustainable Development”. César is working at the Department of Strategic Sustainable Development which is lead by Prof. Dr. Göran Bromann. Prof. Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, who founded The Natural Step back in 1989, is also working at this department. […]

Welcome Antony!

O Canada! Our team of authors is further growing and is getting more international. After having Australia (Susan) and Europe (e.g. Nancy and Peter) in our team, North America, i.e. Canada, did also join – welcome Antony Upward! I am happy to tell that the person who coined the term “Strongly Sustainable Business Model” is […]

Strongly Sustainable Business Models: A Personal Perspective on a New Field of Practice and Research

Welcome This is [a repost of] my first post  in the blog for the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG), an applied research group within OCAD U’s Strategic Innovation Lab in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  [ The original post  (made July 26, 2012) can be seen here and subsequent posts here].  The SSBMG group’s convener, Dr. Nabil Harfoush, has asked me, as a cofounder […]

New SBM PhD thesis on “Business Models for Sustainability Innovation”

On Friday, 13th December, SBM blogger Florian Lüdeke-Freund defended his cumulative PhD thesis “Business Models for Sustainability Innovation – Conceptual Foundations and the Case of Solar Energy”. Below you find a brief summary, an overview of the articles included in the thesis, and the defence presentation. The PhD thesis can be downloaded here: http://opus.uni-lueneburg.de/opus/volltexte/2014/14286/ Summary […]

Welcome Liina!

SustainableBusinessModel.org has new active member: Liina Joller, Researcher and PhD Candidate at University of Tartu, Estonia, joined the team of active writers for this blog. Welcome! Read Liina’s introduction to herself: “I am currently in the process of writing my doctoral dissertation on eco-innovation in business models at University of Tartu in Estonia. Though the general principles are universal, […]

Business Model Innovation and Sustainability Transitions (Matthew J. Hannon)

A post by Dr. Matthew J. Hannon,  Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London. Setting the Scene There is a growing consensus that many of the current systems we rely on to satisfy our human needs (e.g. comfort, mobility, nutrition etc.) are fundamentally unsustainable. Consequently, there is a pressing need to both swiftly and radically reconfigure […]

Welcome Matthew!

SustainableBusinessModel.org has new active member: Dr. Matthew J. Hannon, Research Associate at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, joined the team of active writers for this blog. Welcome! Read Matthew’s introduction to himself: “I have over the past few years become increasingly interested in the development and application of novel business models and how these might […]

Developing Theories of Business Models (Susan C. Lambert)

A post by Associate Professor Dr. Susan C. Lambert, University of South Australia, Business School Business model research has emerged from management, entrepreneurship, innovation, information systems and more recently sustainability schools of thought, each discipline bringing with it its own context specific perspective. Although there is some evidence of gravitation towards a consensus as to the […]