Welcome Liina!

SustainableBusinessModel.org has new active member: Liina Joller, Researcher and PhD Candidate at University of Tartu, Estonia, joined the team of active writers for this blog. Welcome!

Read Liina’s introduction to herself:

“I am currently in the process of writing my doctoral dissertation on eco-innovation in business models at University of Tartu in Estonia. Though the general principles are universal, I focus mainly on the field of personal mobility and energy efficiency. I believe that I have always been ’green’ in my heart, however, at the same time wishing the ‘green’ lifestyle would be equally convenient and at no extra cost. So, the ambition to find such win-win solutions has been the driving force for my academic and professional (re)search. Also I see that continuously combining academic research with my professional consulting activities has been mutually enriching.

In my MBA thesis I focused on green marketing and initially I planned to continue with it also in my PhD studies. However, during the first year of my doctoral studies, and partly thanks to the people I met during my internship at Technopolis Group in Brussels, I came to the conclusion that green marketing is just a tip of the iceberg for me. What I really need to investigate, and what the World really needs to know, is how to bring all the great inventions that have been made to people’s everyday use – and this is where my road crossed with the popularity-gaining discourse on the importance of business model innovation.

The Estonian government’s decision to launch a cross-national electromobility pilot program and various other global trials for introducing electric cars made me exited to study eco-innovation in business models in this specific context. The guest research time at Aalto University in 2012 also gave me a great opportunity to take an internationally comparative approach to the challenges of wider diffusion of electromobility. A global networker by nature, I am continuously interested to share my views with like-minded scholars and also bridge the knowledge gap between business and academia.”

Read Liina’s conference paper on “Eco-Innovation in business models” (DRUID 2012).

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