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Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group Logo

O Canada!

Our team of authors is further growing and is getting more international. After having Australia (Susan) and Europe (e.g. Nancy and Peter) in our team, North America, i.e. Canada, did also join – welcome Antony Upward!

I am happy to tell that the person who coined the term “Strongly Sustainable Business Model” is now an active author for our evolving community blog.  This is another step towards an increasingly developing collaboration with the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group, convened in Jan 2012 in Toronto, Canada, by Prof. Dr. Nabil Harfoush with co-founders Prof. Dr. Peter Jones, Prof. Jeremy Bowes and Antony Upward.

After reading the short introduction to Antony below, I highly recommend reading his inspiring posting on the future of Strongly Sustainable Business Model research and practice. (see below for more links to learn more about this work)

The Work of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group

Antony co-founded and collaborates with the 150+ academic and practitioner members of the the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group hosted by the Ontario College of Art and Design University’s Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This group is focused on praxis to develop tools and methods that help business innovators to answer the following question: “How can improved business models and business modelling tools for Small and Medium Business enable the flourishing of human and other life on our single finite shared planet forever?”  Specifically this means developing responses to three ideas:

  1. How can we efficiently and effectively design business models to simultaneously generate economic, social and environmental profits and the social innovations and system changes required to enable these?
  2. What are the questions we must answer to have a high quality, environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, business model?
  3. What principles and patterns of better, strongly sustainable, business model designs exist that we can use?

The SSBMG has identified a number of topics or streams of research and practice to respond to these and related questions which members actively collaborate to explore.  The group has established a wiki, to which all members contribute in order to record progress and collaborate.  To help new members quickly get up to speed a learning-map is constantly being improved.

About Antony and His Research and Practice

Antony is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Chartered Software Engineer (C.Eng), Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS).  Recently he was awarded a unique Masters of Environmental Studies (MES) in Business Model Design and Sustainability and a Graduate Diploma in Business and the Environment from York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies and Schulich School of Business.

His thesis title was “Towards an Ontology and Canvas for Strongly Sustainable Business Models: A Systemic Design Science Exploration”.  A ~3 minute audio/visual introduction to this work is here. You can read more of Antony’s background and find links to his blogs and other internet presence here.

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