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Welcome Antony!

O Canada! Our team of authors is further growing and is getting more international. After having Australia (Susan) and Europe (e.g. Nancy and Peter) in our team, North America, i.e. Canada, did also join – welcome Antony Upward! I am happy to tell that the person who coined the term “Strongly Sustainable Business Model” is […]

Strongly Sustainable Business Models: A Personal Perspective on a New Field of Practice and Research

Welcome This is [a repost of] my first post  in the blog for the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG), an applied research group within OCAD U’s Strategic Innovation Lab in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  [ The original post  (made July 26, 2012) can be seen here and subsequent posts here].  The SSBMG group’s convener, Dr. Nabil Harfoush, has asked me, as a cofounder […]

Survey – How to Make a World-Changing Best-Seller: “Strongly Sustainable Business Model Innovation”

Antony Upward, who drives the development of a global network of “Strongly Sustainable Business Model” researchers and practitioners, and colleagues from the “Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group” are running a survey to figure out how to best produce a toolkit and “book” to support “Strongly Sustainable Business Model Innovation“. Therefore, they are asking for YOUR […]

New Book “Disrupt Together” features Chapter on “Developing Sustainable Business Models” by Nabil Harfoush

One reason to look forward to this year’s Christmas Eve might be the new book “Disrupt Together: How Teams Consistently Innovate” edited by Stephen Spinelli Jr. and Heather McGowan, which will be published on 10th December by Pearson/FT Press. According to Pearson/FT Press, the author team “… covers every facet of innovation, including design processes, team development, ethnography, […]