Survey – How to Make a World-Changing Best-Seller: “Strongly Sustainable Business Model Innovation”

Antony Upward, who drives the development of a global network of “Strongly Sustainable Business Model” researchers and practitioners, and colleagues from the “Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group” are running a survey to figure out how to best produce a toolkit and “book” to support “Strongly Sustainable Business Model Innovation“. Therefore, they are asking for YOUR ideas and answers in an online survey. Some more information from the survey initiators:

This is a survey to gather your ideas into the design and funding of “Strongly Sustainable Business Model Innovation”, a Crowd-Funded Collaborative “Book” to be published in mid-2014.

Please respond based on the information in this ~3 minute audio-visual presentation and this SlideShare presentation. The SlideShare includes, towards the end, an outline table of contents of the “book” and details of the value proposition for funders, backers & collaborators.

The survey has 16 question (9 pages) – thank-you for sticking with it until the end!

Any questions or concerns please contact Antony Upward ( at info (at) SSBMG (dot) com /

The survey starts here.

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