Video Introduction to the Business Model Canvas on Youtube

Incidentally, I came across a series of short videos explaining Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas in 18 minutes, including its elements, how to use it, how to innovate with it, how to test it … that is, the essentials of the Business Model Generation book. Six videos can be found on Youtube:

I know, this is a pure “profit first” approach to business modelling. However, it is a nicely done introduction.


  1. The first very rough-cut video explaining the better, Strongly Sustainable, Business Model Canvas is now available for video and for slides and speakers note (downloadable.)

    For underlying academic work see – listed in the SBM Literature list on this site – see Upward, A. (2013)

    More related videos will be posted soon – subscribe to the channel for updates.

    Also folks may be interested in joining the 140+ academics and practitioners from around the world in the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group forum on Linkedin: This group includes a team bringing the SSBMCanvas to market and undertaking further related academic work.

    1. Antony, thank you very much for making this link to SSBMG and your work. We will soon establish a strong connection and communication strategy that integrates the SSBM and SBM communities! See you!

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