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Update: “Triple-Layered Business Model Canvas” Workshop Video and Conference Paper

On May 19th, 2015, the University of Hamburg and its Faculty of Business, Economics & Social Sciences hosted a workshop on “Design of More Sustainable Business Models”, held by Alexandre Joyce. The 90-minute video recording of Alexandre’s introduction to sustainable business model design and his “Triple-Layered Business Model Canvas” is now available online – see […]

The Triple Layered Business Model Canvas – A Tool to Design More Sustainable Business Models

by Alexandre Joyce # # # # # Update (19 June 2015): The conference paper can be downloaded from academia.edu # # # # # Since 2012, I have been looking for a way to add environmental and social aspects into the original business model canvas. After three years of research, design, development and testing, […]

Celebrating 3 Years of Strongly Sustainable Business Model Research

On Tuesday January 13th, 2015 the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG) held it’s first monthly meeting of 2015. This marked the beginning of the group’s fourth year and called for a brief celebratory exchange about the achievements of the group in the past three years: The SSBMG LinkedIn group counts now almost 330 members […]

Strongly Sustainable Business Models: A Personal Perspective on a New Field of Practice and Research

Welcome This is [a repost of] my first post  in the blog for the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG), an applied research group within OCAD U’s Strategic Innovation Lab in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  [ The original post  (made July 26, 2012) can be seen here and subsequent posts here].  The SSBMG group’s convener, Dr. Nabil Harfoush, has asked me, as a cofounder […]

Video Introduction to the Business Model Canvas on Youtube

Incidentally, I came across a series of short videos explaining Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas in 18 minutes, including its elements, how to use it, how to innovate with it, how to test it … that is, the essentials of the Business Model Generation book. Six videos can be found on Youtube: Episode 1: Getting from Business […]

How to use the Business Model Canvas in a scientific article

Literature reviews show that increasing numbers of scientific research and publications are using, or are even completely inspired by, Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas (BMC, Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2010). There is no doubt that the BMC is one of the management tools of our time. However, when writing a scientific article, e.g. a conceptual piece about […]