Call for Papers: “Logistical Challenges for Sharing Economies”

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

“Logistical Challenges for Sharing Economies”

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2019

Guest Editors

Valentina Carbone, Professor of Supply Chain Management and Sustainability, ESCP Europe, Paris Campus,
Aurélien Rouquet, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, NEOMA Business School,
Christine Roussat, Assistant Professor in Business Sciences, Université Clermont-Auvergne & CRET-LOG,

Topics addressed

Scholars are invited to submit thought provoking research at the interface of logistics/SCM and the sharing economy. Submissions can be conceptual, empirical, and can utilize a wide variety of approaches and methods, such as literature reviews, conceptual theory development, large-scale empirical studies, experimental designs, case studies, grounded theory research and action research.  However, in line with IJPDLM guidelines, quantitatively oriented mathematical modelling and simulation studies are unlikely to meet the requirements of this Special Issue. Regardless of the method employed, preference will be given to theoretically sound research papers that appropriately address the theme of this special issue.

The following list provides a set of topics for the special issue, but is far from being exhaustive. Questions about the suitability of any different topic at the interface of sharing economy and logistics may be addressed to the special issue guest editors.

The contributions may question the role of logistics in the SE:

  • Logistics contribution to the intermediation roles of SE platforms,
  • Physical and information flow perspective on the SE: logistics organisations, infrastructures, information systems,
  • Logistics challenges for a positive impact of the SE on society and the environment;

The development of logistics start-ups within the SE field:

  • The rise of crowd logistics initiatives, peer-to-peer logistics processes, and their impact on manufacturing, retail and logistics service providers,
  • Big scale vs small scale: revisiting logistics paradigms through crowd logistics,

And the wide array of challenges that need to be addressed when associating the SE with logistics/SCM:

  • Consumer, user, logistician? The individual perspective in the rise of the SE.
  • The development of consumer to consumer SE supply chains,
  • The dark side of the logistics and SE duo: exploitation of individuals, over exploitation of resources, ‘unfair’ competition, etc.

Further information:

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