Sneak Preview: Keynote Speakers at the 4th International Conference on New Business Models 2019

Did you know? In July 2019 experts will come together at the ESCP Europe Berlin campus for the 4th International Conference on New Business Models and discuss the latest developments related to new business models for sustainable entrepreneurship, innovation, and transformation. Previews of the keynote speakers will come in the following weeks. For today, we present you with the first keynote speaker of the series!

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Stefan Schaltegger

“Sustainability transformation and new business models. The role of sustainable entrepreneurs, incremental and radical innovations.”

For the economy and society to make a transition to sustainability, the core business of companies, their products, supply chain – essentially their business model – has to make a change for sustainability. This presentation highlights roles of sustainable entrepreneurs as key actors initiating and managing such sustainability transformations.

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