Call for Abstracts on “Sustainability-Oriented Products, Product-Service Systems and Business Models” (Cambridge University R&D Management Conference) – Deadline 1st February 2016


We are seeking extended abstracts (deadline 1 February, 2016) for our track on “Sustainability-Oriented Innovation: Developing Products, Product-Service Systems and Business Models” at this year’s R&D Management Conference, 3-6 July, 2016, at Cambridge University, UK. The track is co-chaired by Erik Hansen, Frank Tietze and Florian Lüdeke-Freund.

Please see further details here:

Background: Sustainability-oriented innovation (SOI) is an umbrella term for various interdisciplinary advances of innovation and technology management research and practice (e.g. sustainability-driven, green/eco or responsible innovation) with the aim of reframing environmental and social challenges as opportunities for innovation leading to more sustainable products, new product-replacing services (product service systems) or other new business models. This session aims at advancing the knowledge on SOI by looking not only at the outcomes (and related artefacts), but by unearthing particularly the managerial practices necessary for adapting innovation processes (e.g. process models, innovation/R&D methods and tools, collaborative, open and network-based approaches). We are interested in high-quality contributions of either empirical (both qualitative/quantitative) or conceptual nature which help to advance the theory and practice of SOI.

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