Call for Papers for a Journal of Industrial Ecology Special Issue on “Exploring the Circular Economy” – Deadline 15th February 2016

The Journal of Industrial Ecology will publish a Special Issue on “Exploring the Circular Economy”. Paper manuscripts are due 15 February 2016.

The circular economy is quickly gaining traction as a key strategy to pursue global sustainability. In contrast to the “take-use-dispose paradigm” of the traditional linear economy, in a circular economy, resources are kept in use for as long as possible, in order to extract their maximum value. This special issue explores several aspects of the circular economy, including key concepts, resource and environmental dimensions, management and economics, policy, and implementation.

While the call is broader, this Special Issue addresses several important business model questions:

  • Analysis of the concept, elements, and mechanisms of the circular economy:  How does it differ from earlier concepts? How is circularity measured? How are the business models and other elements and strategies prioritized, especially in quantitative terms?  Is it productive to view industrial ecology as the science of the circular economy?
  • Management and economics: What business models are most appropriate to a circular economy? What is the potential for company profit and for national socio-economic development? How can the rebound effect be managed? To what extent do the benefits to business and to the economy align with the environmental outcomes of circular economy approaches?
  • Implementation: How is the circular economy achieved?  How are diverse stakeholders engaged and how are differing interests accommodated? How can business models friendly to a circular economy be fostered?  How are public and private procurement best used to advance the circular economy?  At what scale(s) are the circular economy best pursued—product, firm, supply chain, life cycle, urban, regional, national, etc.?


For questions, you can contact Dr Nancy Bocken, Associate Editor for the Special Issue:

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