ISPIM Special Interest Group Workshop: “GAMIFICATION in INNOVATION”

ISPIM Special Interest Group Workshop: GAMIFICATION in INNOVATION, Berlin, 10-11 March 2016

Gamification is increasingly used as a way to make serious strategic decisions and as a technique to develop new business models. This workshop is organised as part of ISPIM’s Special Interest Group on Teaching & Coaching Innovation.

Various speakers will share their experience in inventing games for students and practitioners, using games in class and business practice, and relying on gamification as a helpful tool to explore, explain, expand and explicate new products, markets and business models.

The workshop contains:

  • Modeling values-based business with the Business Innovation Kit and Sustainability Innovation Pack
  • Gamification in the class room: Serious management teaching can be fun
  • What is gamification in fact: for learners, trainers, companies, research?
  • Training ‘Innovation Management’ based on gamification in industry & classes

The number of participants is limited. Register soon! Find more infos in this flyer.

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