New Book on “Business Models for Sustainability Transformations” – Call for Chapters – 30th Oct 2019

Title of the book: Business models for sustainability transformations

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

Editors: Annabeth Aagaard and Florian Lüdeke-Freund

The objective of the book: To inspire academia, businesses and society with empirical and theory-based research, case studies and case examples of novel and innovative business models that are being radically transformed and/or that have the potential to motivate wider sustainability transformations of the economy and society.


  • A 250 word book chapter proposal explaining: the research theme/focus, the methodology, the case(s) and practical implications.
  • A CV of all the contributing authors and co-authors (as that is required by Palgrave).
    Important: At least one co-author must have a business/practice background to validate the practical implications.
  • Two or three ideas where and how you will promote your chapter as well as the whole book, to make sure that it will have an impact and not just sit on the shelve.
  • Send your book chapter proposal to Annabeth Aagaard at

Deadline for submission of book chapter proposal: October 30th 2019 and you will receive a feedback shortly hereof.

Our motto with the book: Let’s transform business as usual for the better!

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