“Business Models for Shared Value” – Network for Business Sustainability Report Published

The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) South Africa has published a report on “Business Models for Shared Value”. This report summarises the most important findings from an extensive literature review and interviews with business experts in the fields of corporate sustainability, shared value, and business model innovation. Interviews were conducted with experts from South Africa and abroad, representing companies and organisations such as Nestlé, Woolworths, Jaguar Land Rover, WWF, or Incite.

The main report contains a thorough review of the concepts of corporate sustainability, shared value, and business model innovation. It also introduces new frameworks and tools for research and business practice and features 20 case illustrations of business models for sustainability and shared value creation in practice. The report offers new insights into how firms can use shared value and business sustainability as creative drivers for business model innovation and transformation.

For this NBS report, Florian Lüdeke-Freund, Lorenzo Massa, Nancy Bocken, Alan Brent, and Josephine Musango have drawn on a systematic review of research and practice on the topic, gleaning insights from more than 180 articles.

A brief introduction can be found here.

The main report (100 pages), executive guide (30 pages), and primer (3 pages) can be downloaded here.

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