Special Issue on “Advances in Sustainable Entrepreneurship”

Administratrive Science publishes a Special Issue on “Advances in Sustainable Entrepreneurship”. Papers can be submitted until 15 August 2015. The Special Issue will be guest-edited by Jacob Hörisch. Please find the Call for Papers here.

The Special Issue aims at addressing this need for high quality research on sustainable entrepreneurship. It welcomes contributions on the following non-conclusive list of topics:

–          Sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation

–          Financing sustainable entrepreneurship

–          Entrepreneurial growth

–          Characteristics of sustainable entrepreneurs

–          Theories in sustainable entrepreneurship

–          Links and (dis)similarities to sustainability management

–          Sustainable entrepreneurship and public policy

–          Evaluating sustainable ventures

–          Transformative aspirations of sustainable entrepreneurship

–          Sustainable entrepreneurship and stakeholder theory

–          Sustainable business models

–          Literature reviews on sustainable entrepreneurship

–          …

Submissions addressing further issues related to sustainable entrepreneurship (including transdisciplinary approaches) are explicitly welcome.

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