Share your SBM research!

This community blog is dedicated to all kinds of research at the intersections of sustainability issues and business models.

You surely know pioneering communities like or, but maybe you are looking for something more specific that is closer to your own ideas and research?

If you are a scholar from a field like corporate sustainability management, sustainable entrepreneurship or industrial ecology and if you are doing research on the role business models and business model innovations play for a green and socially just economy, then is your community!

If you would like to post references to your own scientific publications, regardless whether journal articles, book chapters or conference papers, just send an e-mail to:

Your publications should meet two conditions:

  • A clear business model definition should be included – the kind of definition, e.g. visually or formally, is up to you.
  • A sustainability issue, e.g. cultural, social or ecological, must be clearly addressed and connected to the business model.

Share your ideas and your research!

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