Papers in Brief

This page offers an overview of all papers presented in our “Papers in Brief” series. Posts published in this series provide a special service as they explain the core ideas of chosen research papers in a nutshell.

Papers in Brief (XXXI): Froese, Richter, Hofmann & Lüdeke-Freund (2023): Degrowth-Oriented Organisational Value Creation: A Systematic Literature Review of Case Studies

Papers in Brief (XXX): Bohnsack, Ciulli & Kolk (2020): The role of business models in firm internationalization – An exploration of European electricity firms in the context of the energy transition

Papers in Brief (XXIX): Bocken & Geradts (2019): Barriers and Drivers to Sustainable Business Model Innovation: Organization Design and Dynamic Capabilities

Papers in Brief (XXVIII): Baldassarre et al. (2020): Addressing the design-implementation gap of sustainable business models by prototyping

Papers in Brief (XXVII): Ciulli & Kolk (2019): Incumbents and business model innovation for the sharing economy: Implications for sustainability

Papers in Brief (XXVI): Bocken, Boons, Baldassarre (2019): Sustainable business model experimentation by understanding ecologies of business models

Papers in Brief (XXV): Lüdeke-Freund, Carroux, Joyce, Massa & Breuer (2018): The Sustainable Business Model Pattern Taxonomy – 45 Patterns to Support Sustainability-Oriented Business Model Innovation

Papers in Brief (XXIV): Dentchev et al. (2018): Embracing the variety of sustainable business models

Papers in Brief (XXIII): Bocken, Schuit & Kraaijenhagen (2018): Experimenting with a circular business model: Lessons from eight cases

Papers in Brief (XXII): Yang, Vladimirova & Evans (2017): Creating and Capturing Value through Sustainability: The Sustainable Value Analysis Tool

Papers in Brief (XXI): Bidmon & Knab (2018): The three roles of business models in societal transitions

Papers in Brief (XX): Plewnia & Guenther (2018): Mapping the sharing economy for sustainability research

Papers in Brief (XIX): Geissdoerfer et al. (2017): The Cambridge Business Model Innovation Process

Papers in Brief (XVIII): Täuscher & Abdelkafi (2018): Scalability and Robustness of Business Models for Sustainability: A Simulation Experiment

Papers in Brief (XVII): Bohnsack & Pinkse (2017): Value Propositions for Disruptive Technologies – Reconfiguration Tactics in the Case of Electric Vehicles

Papers in Brief (XVI): Schoormann et al. (2016): Sustainability in business models – A literature-based design-science-oriented research agenda

Papers in Brief (XV): Dreyer, Lüdeke-Freund, Hamann & Faccer (2017): Upsides and downsides of the sharing economy

Papers in Brief (XIV): Yang, Evans, Vladimirova & Rana (2017): Value uncaptured perspective for sustainable business model innovation

Papers in Brief (XIII): Rauter, Baumgartner & Jonker (2017): Going one’s own way: Drivers in developing business models for sustainability

Papers in Brief (XII): Huijben, Verbong & Podoynitsyna (2016): Mainstreaming Solar – Stretching the Regulatory Regime Through Business Model Innovation

Papers in Brief (XI): Breuer & Lüdeke-Freund (2017): Values-Based Network and Business Model Innovation

Papers in Brief (X): Abdelkafi & Täuscher (2016): Business Models For Sustainability from a System Dynamics Perspective

Papers in Brief (IX): Wells (2016): Degrowth and Techno-Business Model Innovation: The Case of Riversimple

Papers in Brief (VIII): Geissdoerfer, Bocken & Hultink (2016): Design Thinking to Enhance the Sustainable Business Modelling Process

Paper in Brief (VII): Patala et al. (2016): Sustainable value propositions: A framework and implications for industrial technology suppliers

Papers in Brief (VI): Rosca et al. (2016): Business Models for Sustainable Innovation – An Empirical Analysis of Frugal Products and Services

Papers in Brief (V): Lüdeke-Freund, Gold & Bocken (2016): Sustainable Business Model and Supply Chain Conceptions – Towards an Integrated Perspective

Papers in Brief (IV): Kant Hvass (2016): Weaving a Path from Waste to Value – Exploring Fashion Industry Business Models and the Circular Economy

Papers in Brief (III): Laukkanen & Patala (2014): Analysing Barriers to Sustainable Business Model Innovations: Innovation Systems Approach

Papers in Brief (II): Gaziulusoy & Twomey (2014): Emerging Approaches in Business Model Innovation Relevant to Sustainability and Low-carbon Transitions

Papers in Brief (I): Hansen et al. (2009): Sustainability Innovation Cube – A Framework to Evaluate Sustainability-Oriented Innovations

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