We have to face it: We still don’t understand sustainable value creation!

We hear and use it quite often: ‘sustainable value creation’. This notion is crucial to the whole sustainable business debate and also for approaches such as circular economy, sharing economy, social business, and many more. But we still struggle to define and apply it.

Together with Romana Rauter, Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen, and Christian Nielsen, we discuss the What, the Who, and the How of sustainable value creation through business models in our latest Journal of Business Models (JOBM) article, and we identify some of the biggest knowledge gaps we still have to work on.

Open access download from JOBM: https://lnkd.in/dbRJQ_E

[Re-posted from https://luedekefreund.com/]

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  1. I have a game – the Sustainability Lens Game – that evolved from 20+ years of work as a social entrepreneur, development economics professor, and researcher. It can help organizations to more tangibly recognize and build sustainability in their operations – on all levels. I offer a certified teacher training program in using the game (good for HR training, or strategic development departments) and can also do live gameplays online. More info. is here: http://www.sustainabilitylensgame.com/

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