Teaching Forum @ 2nd Business Model Conference, June 6-7, 2018, Florence

Dear colleagues,

Please join us as presenter for an interactive workshop on how to teach business models at the Business Model Conference 2018!

TEACHING FORUM – Business Model Conference 2018

June, 6-7 at School of Economics and Management at University of Florence, Italy

The concept of a business model has found its way into many of our classrooms. The Teaching Forum at the Business Model Conference 2018 is a platform to spark inspiration and exchange among scholars and practitioners on how to introduce business model thinking to students, organizations, and the general public. We invite speakers to share their approaches, best-practices, and experiences when teaching business models and to engage in a collegial discussion on how to advance the use of business model thinking in our teaching practice.

  • Date: June 7, 2018; second conference day
  • Format: Presenters are expected to present their approach, tool or method for around 10 minutes followed by 5 min. discussion in a roundtable setting.
  • Type of Contributions: We invite speakers to present or demonstrate innovative teaching formats and best practices for teaching business models, ranging from specific techniques they have developed over approaches to structure curricula or evaluating learning outcomes. Also contributions from practitioners and users that reflect on the usefulness of certain methods or frameworks are welcome.

To participate as presenter, please send a brief expression of interest indicating a running title and short description (25-50 words) of your contribution to chb@mgmt.au.dk until 15 May 2018. We will shortly after that date get back to you with details on the session and venue.


Anna B. Holm, Aarhus University
Christina M. Bidmon, Aarhus University
Kirstin E. Bosbach, TU Berlin / Robert Bosch

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