Call for Papers – Edited Volume on “Sustainable Business Models” (Palgrave)

We seek authors to contribute high-quality chapters to a new book on “Sustainable Business Models” to be published by Palgrave/MacMillan in 2018. The book chapter would have to live up to the following criteria:

  • Emphasize different aspects and contexts of sustainable business models, sustainable business model innovation and the successful integration and organization of sustainable business models etc.,
  • Address new and recent developments, and not the historic journey of sustainable business models,
  • Is based on theory and potentially includes cases to explore the theories, models and concepts discussed in the chapter in an empirical setting,
  • Have a length of 15-20 pages (up to 10,000 words),
  • And includes a biography of the author(s).

Submission deadline is March 1st 2018.

If you are interested, please send 5-10​ lines about your chapter and a biography of 5-10 lines for each contributing author before November 1st 2017 to the editor,  Prof. Annabeth Aagaard, at

We look forward to receive your suggestions for a book chapter contribution and, in case you have questions, feel free to contact Prof. Annabeth Aagaard.

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