4th Hamburg Workshop on Sustainability-Oriented Business Models: “Lean for Flourishing Startups – Business Modelling and Testing Lab” (June 9, 2017)

4th Hamburg Workshop on Sustainability-Oriented Business Models

“Lean for Flourishing Startups – Business Modelling and Testing Lab”

Hands-on Workshop

[Event flyer as PDF]

Antony Upward, Flourishing Enterprise Designer from Toronto, and Ondine Hogeboom, Social Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Lean4Flourishing from Montreal, offer a full-day workshop on flourishing business model design. They merge Lean Startup and Flourishing elements to support business developers, startups, and managers in creating their lean, ecologically and socially sustainable businesses. This workshop is explicitly offered to students, entrepreneurs, and researchers from Hamburg – but, of course, everybody else is also welcome!

Workshop objective + participants: At the end of this lab you will be equipped to describe and validate your business model using the latest tools and methods, fully considering the social, environmental, and economic aspects.

We invite entrepreneurs, startups, business managers and their stakeholders – e.g. customers, suppliers, investors, students, researchers – who are working together to explore and validate a business idea socially, environmentally, and economically.

Attendance in groups: Participants should register and attend in groups of at least 2 and no more than 4 people interested in co-exploring a single or the same business idea that they all have discussed before arriving at the lab.

Format + pre-work: The lab will be 80% hands-on and experiential. To enable this, participants will be requested to undertake 2-3 hours of pre-work consisting of watching videos and reading. A list of these resources will be provided.

Outcomes: By the end of the workshops participants will have

  • Developed the inner why/vision, how/mission and what/strategy for their business;
  • Created a first pass of their business model using the Flourishing Business Canvas;
  • Experienced the process of validation, based on the Lean Startup/Customer Development process;
  • Begun to plan their next steps to further develop and validate their business idea.

Registration (free of charge): florian.luedeke-freund@wiso.uni-hamburg.de

Friday, 9th June 2017, 09h00-17h00, Von-Melle-Park 9, Room A215, 20146 Hamburg

Organized by the Chair of Capital Markets and  Management (Prof. Dr. Alexander Bassen), Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund. This event is financially supported by the Department of Socioeconomics and its programme for international research exchange.

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