Call for Chapters: “Sustainability and Scalability of Business – Theory and Practice”

by Adam Jabłoński

“Sustainability and Scalability of Business – Theory and Practice” – Invitation to submit book chapters

I have the honor to invite you to work on an extraordinary book: “Sustainability and Scalability of Business – Theory and Practice”. This book will be published by NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS Inc., New York, USA.

Recommended topics include:

  1. Assumptions about the concept of sustainability in business.
  2. Assumptions about the concept of scalability in business.
  3. Critical analysis of methods which support the implementation of sustainable business models.
  4. Performance management in business versus sustainability of business.
  5. Sustainable performance management as factor to improvement of efficiency of enterprises.
  6. Corporate social responsibility versus performance management.
  7. Flexibility and adaptability  of business models versus sustainable strategy and sustainable business models.
  8. Scalability of business models versus strategic performance management.
  9. Scalability of business in network environment.
  10. Stakeholders concept versus shareholders in concept scalability and sustainability.
  11. Case Studies.

I would like to invite you to participate in the preparation of those topics. Thanks to your contribution we could create an outstanding book.

Details about the book and publication process can be downloaded here.

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