Value mapping tool for Sustainable Business Modelling – Guides for facilitators

The Value Mapping Tool was developed to assist in ‘sustainable business modelling’ – the process of inventing new sustainable business model ideas. The process of using the tool, and the terminology of value captured, value missed, value destroyed and new value opportunities were introduced in the first journal paper and earlier conference paper about the value mapping tool. By first considering the value captured, value missed and value destroyed from the perspective of multiple stakeholders, the failed value exchanges in existing business models can be identified. “Environment and Society” analogous to the work by Stubbs and Cocklin (2008)  are necessary stakeholders in the value mapping tool, next to the more familiar ones such as customers, the government and suppliers. The business is split up into its key stakeholders: employees and investors/ shareholders. Only after considering the value captured, missed and destroyed from these multiple stakeholder perspectives, new value opportunities should be sought that resolve failed value exchanges and create new forms of value through business model innovation. In this way, more value can be created for the whole value network, not only the firm and its customers.

Since its development the value mapping tool has been used by researchers and people in businesses around the world, which has led to various translations. This post shares some of these translated tools and guides and also the original guide for facilitators in English.

Feel free to share further and do share your own version of the value mapping tool or guidelines for further knowledge sharing!

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  1. Hi @nancybocken

    Great to see this update. Is now a good time to plan your next presentation to the >700 members of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group? We are now planning for our Q1 meetings (Jan 10, Feb 14, March 14 – 16h30 EST / 22h30 CET)

    Pls email me to discuss.

    FYI @khaos12


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