Now available: MOOC on New Business Models

Professor Jan Jonker, Radbound University, The Netherlands, recently launched the first New Business Models MOOC (Massive Open Online Course):

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Are you dedicated to sustainability, but don’t know how to put this passion into practice? Do you see challenges in your community which you want to change?

In this course, you will systematically explore and build your own New Business Model around your own idea. In a systematic manner, you will be presented five building blocks that will help you develop a viable and valuable model. By using the know-how and experience of your peers in this course, you gain insight into what others are doing and get feedback on your own results. Step by step, you will build and test the model, leading to a mature result that can be put to practice instantly after the course. Enrol and invest in new adventures that will help you to create a lasting impact for yourself and the community around you.

Certify your learning by choosing one of several certificate tracks or simply audit the course without a certificate

Course Structure

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: WEconomy
  • Chapter 3: New Business Model Design
  • Chapter 4: Principles & Value proposition
  • Chapter 5: Community building
  • Chapter 6 Assessing value creation

Related to this, the upcoming New Business Models conference in Toulouse, June 2016, might also be of interest.

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