Flourishing Business – What, Why and How – Events in Toronto in March and April


What is a Flourishing (aka strongly sustainable) Business? Why do we need it? Why is it good for business (and everyone else) and how do we make it happen?

In a continued Flourishing Business event series you’ll explore how businesses can sustain the possibility for human and other life to flourish on this planet forever. This is aligned with the emerging idea that the possibility for flourishing is the only thing we can sustain practically and ethically, in our businesses, social enterprises, communities and personally.

Come learn how the idea of flourishing business can help your organization succeed by doing good in order to do well. This approach is of value to anyone needing to create a flourishing organization or improve an existing one; including but not limited to social, environmental and for-impact entrepreneurs (for profit and not for profit) and their for-impact investors.

Part of this series was the Designing Business Models for Flourishing Enterprises – Colloquium and Workshop held by Antony Upward in Hamburg, Germany, in December 2014.

Join Antony Upward and Stephen Davies in March and April 2015 to learn and experience: http://www.FlourishingBusiness.org/Events.

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