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Papers in Brief (XIV): Yang, Evans, Vladimirova & Rana (2017): Value uncaptured perspective for sustainable business model innovation

Business models have been examined mostly from the perspectives of value proposition, value creation, value delivery, and value capture. This article proposes the concept of “value uncaptured” – value that could be captured but has not yet been captured.

Business Models for Sustainable Innovation – JCP Article Currently with Open Access

The Journal of Cleaner Production (JCP) currently offers open access to our article “Business Models for Sustainable Innovation: State of the Art and Steps towards a Research Agenda“. If you don’t have access to JCP, e.g. via your university, this might be an opportunity to get a copy for free. We are not sure how […]

Special issue “Sustainable Innovation and Business Models” published by the Journal of Cleaner Production

The Journal of Cleaner Production, a renown interdisciplinary journal in the field of environmental and sustainability sciences, published a special issue on “Sustainable Innovation and Business Models” in April 2013 (Vol. 45, 116 pages total). This issue is partly based on contributions to the 2010 ERSCP-EMSU Conference in Delft, The Netherlands. References to some of the […]